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Most people find logic in the idea that water is the best way to defeat a fire. This is often true in the case of Class A fires, and purchasing a water mist extinguisher for situations where such fires are a risk is often a good idea. Water fire extinguishers provide either a steady stream of water or a mist that helps put out fires. They function similarly to fire hoses and are extremely useful as long as you know the type of flame danger you face.

Water Extinguishers and Fire Hoses

Water extinguishers are effectively portable fire hoses in which the tube is shorter but is connected directly to a fire hose supply. Buildings that deal exclusively with paper, wood, and other burnable material can find benefit in using this type of extinguisher. If you deal with these materials on a larger scale, such as in a bindery or paper mill, it becomes beneficial to search for fire hoses at Herbert Williams and secure a mainline water source that can provide as many gallons of water as you need. An interior fire hose is just like an exterior one, except that it connects to plumbing instead of a hydrant that can only be used by the fire department.

Types of Fires to Use with Water Extinguishers

Water extinguishers and fire hoses should be used for Type A fires. These include fires with an easily flammable fuel source, such as wood, paper, fabric, and some types of plastics or rubber. If you have an area with just debris and flammable material, having a water extinguisher around can save you money over the more common and expensive ABC extinguishers. They should not be use to fight fires started by oils or flammable liquids, as the force from the water is actually more likely to simply spread the flames. You should also avoid using this type of extinguisher with electrical fires, as adding water to the mix can cause electrocution.

A subcategory of water fire extinguishers is the water mist extinguisher. This equipment uses deionized water and releases it in a cool mist that extinguishes flame and leaves virtually no moisture behind. These extinguishers are excellent for fire hazard areas that contain electronics, since they can extinguish a flame, leave the electronics unharmed, and eliminate the risk of shock. While most water extinguishers take care of Type A fires only, water mist extinguishers can also put out Type C fires, which includes electrical hazards. The cost of these extinguishers is higher, however, and deionized water can be expensive to procure when they need to be refilled.

Water extinguishers make for an affordable fire safety option, provided that you restrict their use only to the type of combustible hazards they are made for. Be sure to choose wisely between a standard water extinguisher, a fire hose on a main water line, and a water mist extinguisher. Choosing properly among these options gives you an easy, affordable, and effective way to keep fires from becoming a problem.

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